Lion Dancing

This is a traditional folk dance used to bring good luck and good fortune. Loud music, fireworks along with two people inside a lion costume are used to scare away the evil spirits. Even today Lion Dancing is more popular than ever. Lion dancers today show their skills by performing exciting and sometimes dangerous routines, and by making the lion appear alive.

Oceans Apart bring together the traditional chinese martial arts with traditional Lion Dancing. We regularly perform Lion Dances at public events and business openings. We also wok with children, teaching them about the cultural significance of Lion Dancing, as well as teaching them some of the sequences involved, tey will also get the opportunity to learn the drum, gong, and cymbals which go hand in hand with the lion dancing performance.

So as you can see by enrolling into Ocean's Apart you don't just get to learn martial arts but also the chance to perform at some major demonstrations across the UK.