Sifu Shaka Brown began his study of Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu under Master Edmund Ng (Ng Hao Tak) at the age of seventeen years in 1989, who intern studied in Hong Kong with Grand Master Jew Yew Jong.

After gaining experience, practising and teaching Kung Fu under the guidance of Sifu Ng, he was selected in 1991 to represent Great Britain in the World Koushu championships in Spain. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 he fought and competed in the forms section of the Eurowirral full contact kung fu championships and in the 1995 he attained the position of champion in the weapons division and the position runner up for the external Southern empty hands division.

While on a training visit to Hong Kong in 1996, Sifu Brown was registered with the Hong Kong Choi Lee Fut Association headquarters and is recognised as a 7th generation descendent of Choi Lee Fut founder Chan Heung Goon.

On returning from Hong Kong, Sifu Brown was granted permission by his teacher Sifu Ng to open his own school, however he decided to take up a career in the British Army so in 1998 he joined the regiment of the Household Cavalry.

After leaving the Army he returned once again to full time training in the Choi Lee Fut system, and well as teaching at his own school in Durham he still play's a major role in both performance of the lion dance at the Chinese New Year and in the training of his fellow students at his Sifu's school in Newcastle Upon Tyne.